Old school system dynamics vs. Consideo's approach
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Author:  Kai [ Sun 22. Jul 2012, 21:18 ]
Post subject:  Old school system dynamics vs. Consideo's approach

Just recently, I was asked what I see as the main difference between the typical system dynamics modeling that at least in most cases either starts with defining the stocks of a model to later complete it with flows and auxiliaries, or with modeling known loops in a causal loop diagram (CLD), and our approach that uses the KNOW-WHY-Method to analytically and creatively explain any phenomena. Well, our approach leads to new insights while the classic approaches in most cases only allow to demonstrate the modeler's insights to others.
I had the opportunity to model with some of the internationally leading system thinkers and modelers. Of course, they were thinking that they were gaining new insights but frankly they weren't.
There are two reasons why the classic approach is restricted. First, the tools do not allow to model hundreds of factors in a convenient way nor is the KNOW-WHY-Method well known. Second, systems thinkers like we all, including me, tend to know most things already so we tend to model and defend our mental model rather than to start from scratch to develop a new mental model.
What do you think or better asked: Did you ever try a model strictly using the KNOW-WHY-Method?

Happy insight gaining


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